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October 16th, 2021

9am Start

Crafter's Brew

Oak Ridge, TN 37830


Join us for the Secret City Saturday Ride! A ride that features Beautiful FLATTER routes with distances ranging from 32 miles to 62 miles.

100% of the proceeds from Saturday's ride go to Project Echelon. Project Echelon educates, equips, and empowers Veterans and their communities through physical activity and self discovery.  

Visit to learn more 

All registrants of the Saturday ride receive a pack-able backpack, a free meal, and a free adult beverage to all entrants over 21 years old.

Route Descriptions

32 Mile

The 32 mile route is a fantastic beginner route because of its very flat route and wide bike lanes.  The ride starts from Crafters Brew in Oak Ridge TN. 

After a few miles of navigating through Oak Ridge through safe residential roads, the route turns on the wide bike lane to get all the way out of Oak Ridge into Roane County. 

The route makes a quick loop on a few rural country roads before coming back the way you came.

This route is one of the flattest routes ever.  The only downside to this route is it is not the most scenic route, but still very safe with its wide bike lanes.

A link to the 32 mile route is just below.

50 Mile

The 50 mile ride option is a great route for a rider looking to do their first 50 mile ride.  The ride leaves from Crafters Brew in Oak Ridge and follows wide open bike lanes that are very flat to help warm the legs up.

Smaller rollers start around the 20 mile mark and continue all the way to the wide open 13 mile long Dutch Valley Road. 

As the route returns to Oak Ridge, smaller roads become the norm as the ride goes down the famously quiet Bush Rd. (birth place of Bush's Baked Beans)

Once the ride turns off of Bush Rd. it goes up its most notable climb, a mile long drag up Oliver Springs highway.  After that uphill drag, the ride plummets down and is flat to rolling all the way to the finish. 

The 50 mile ride has 2 (mile 17 and 32) rest stops.  A link to the route is just below.

62 Mile (100K)

The 62 mile route is a great route for someone looking to do their first metric century, or looking for a nice warm up before Sunday's full century.  The ride leaves from Crafters Brew in Oak Ridge and navigates through Oak Ridge on residential road.  Once you are just a few miles into the ride, the route goes on a wide and flat bike lane for many miles.

At the 15 mile mark, the 32 and 50 mile route splits from the 62 mile route and you begin tackling some fast rollers.

The first hill comes at mile 19, but it is just 1 mile long and not too steep.  After the first climb, the rollers continue for most of the ride until mile 57 when the final 1 mile climb starts. That climb is more of an uphill drag.

After that uphill drag, the route plummets down and features a flat to rolling finish.

The 62 mile ride has 2 (mile 26 and 42) rest stops.  A link to the route is just below


Canterfield of Oak Ridge

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